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#409 9-18-16: Hillary. Done.
by Mark Lawrence

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The market has some volatility back, and seemingly took a step downwards. More to come? Certainly. The next couple of week? Completely unclear. Hillary is in serious trouble - emails, health, benghazi. . . it's all just too much. She's tied right now with the Donald and he has all the momentum. I can't imagine Yellen will raise rates in this environment, or do anything other than try to keep the markets up.

S&P 500 March 24 2015 to September 16 2016

Deutsche Bank says the US is 80%+ likely to be in a recession right now. I don't know how to take this: Deutsche is nearing bankruptcy, and people like that start seeing the whole world going under. But it's certainly true that we haven't had a recession in a long time and we're due.

Bonds continue to drop. There are some seemingly serious liquidity issues - if anything spooks the markets it could get very ugly very quickly.

Deutsche bank is being fined $14 billion for their part of the big crash. I know, you're thinking, "It's a bank, they'll just print up the money, have a bad quarter and move on." Nope. Deutsche is already teetering. This is a serious problem for them.

Italy continues to sink deeper into crisis. The oldest bank in the world, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, is currently trading at $0.23. Italy's top four banks likely need something like $150 billion to continue; unfortunately they're likely to get well under $15b. We're still doing well on "extend and pretend," but the days of this program are numbered.

China seems to be in serious trouble. Their debt to GDP ratio is setting new records. It's claimed by one top analyst at Goldman that last year they increased their debt by 40% of GDP. This cannot continue much longer. What I'm telling you is the dominos are lining up. Don't stand anywhere near them.

Hillary has seen her seemingly insurmountable lead evaporate, both in the popular vote and in the electoral college. Reuters, who is pretty seriously pro-Hillary, says the popular vote is about tied, and the electoral college is too at about 242 each, 270 needed to win. The battleground states are Wisconsin, Ohio, N.Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida. I don't see how Hillary will pull this out. I see no chance she'll step aside, although if Sanders or Biden took over they would immediately be 12 points ahead of Trump.

Hillary's Health

Of course we're being lied to, so it's up to us to deduce the truth.

Here's Hillary's symptoms: Strange facial expressions. Strange repetitive head bobbing. Coughing fits that last for minutes. Complete collapse on several occasions. Loss of concentration and context for several moments, then handlers rush in and comfort her back to normal, "It's ok, we're still here." And all of the sudden, strange blue sunglasses whenever she's outside.

We're told this is pneumonia and dehydration. Dehydration severe enough to bring about collapse requires IV fluids; recovery in a 68 year old woman would take most of a day. Pneumonia severe enough to result in collapse would take a week or two for recovery. Yet Hillary was out on the sidewalk talking to a little girl within two hours (at least one type of pneumonia is contagious so there's some outrage at this). Furthermore a definitive diagnosis of pneumonia requires at least a chest x-ray and preferably a culture too; none of this happened at Chelsea's apartment, which is where Hillary was rushed on 9-11. Furthermore in dehydration / pneumonia a collapse would happen immediately after standing up; Hillary was already standing up when she collapsed, indicating this is a neurological problem, not dehydration. Finally, Hillary collapses but the secret service protocol - straight to an emergency room - is over-ridden and she's taken to Chelsea's apartment. That makes it sound like her doctor, who was present, already knows exactly what's going on and knows that an emergency room is unnecessary.

It's been strongly suggested by doctors that what we're seeing is stage 3 Parkinson's, and perhaps that's correct. Parkinson's explains the seizures, the repetitive motions, the coughing, the collapse, and the now ubiquitous blue sun glasses . Parkinson's frequently causes throat dysfunction such that saliva drains into the lungs instead of the stomach, thus explaining the cough. However, Parkinson's does not explain why Hillary has been on Coumadin blood thinners for several years, and other doctors suggest that the stress of campaigning would be impossible for a stage 3 Parkinson's sufferer to withstand.

A better explanation is Lewy Body Dementia or Vascular Dementia. Small blood clots form and clog up arteries in the brain, starving regions of blood and oxygen. The symptoms are a combination of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. If the effected regions include the dopamine production areas the symptoms are identical to Parkinson's. The symptoms wax and wane depending on blood flow.

There's is no cure for Lewy Dementia or Vascular Dementia. The symptoms persist and increase, and eventually a larger blood clot will form and there will be a catastrophic stroke.

It's highly unlikely that Hillary is a normal reasonably healthy 68 year old who happens to be working too hard and not taking in enough fluids. It's highly likely that we're seeing the symptoms of a progressive neurological disorder which would preclude her from handling or perhaps even surviving the stresses of the Presidency.

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