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8-4-13: Mark's on vacation for a week or three.

By Mark Lawrence

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On tepid volume the market broke through the symbolic 1700 level. How much longer can this rally go? That's the million dollar question. And what's next, a correction or a more major drop off? That's the ten million dollar question. Meanwhile, all of France take pretty much the entire month of August off, and I am going to take a bunch of it off. I'm tired.

S&P 500 February 8 2012 to August 2 2013

According to the CDC type 2 diabetes cases among young Americans is growing at an alarming pace, with 3,700 kids under age 20 diagnosed with diabetes every year. Researchers have found that for every new case of diabetes among whites under 21, there are 3 cases among young Hispanics, 4.5 among Pacific Islanders, 5 among blacks, and 8 among American Indians. In 20 years were going to have huge number of obese people in their 40s and 50s who have advanced heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes - the combination doctors call "metabolic syndrome." These people will be disproportionately male, poor and uneducated. Poor uneducated females will catch up in their mid 50s when they hit menopause.

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